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Decentralized Cloud Storage

Blockchain Technology is a most modern technology used to document data on the internet. The decentralization of cloud storage helps eliminate the risk of loss of significant data because data is stored and distributed across a network of nodes/peers.

Decentralized Cloud Storage, Making Your Data Storage Safe And Secure

Traditional centralized cloud storage poses a threat to the business because data is stored in dedicated servers leaving a single point of failure and making itself a flare for hackers looking to attack whereas, decentralized storage makes use of geographically distributed nodes making destruction and hacking of data, disruption and wrongful intrusion impossible.

Decentralized cloud storage is not only secure, it is also cost-effective because data is distributed across a chain of networks/computers, known as the P2P network, that makes data highly accessible at just a fraction of cost of traditional cloud storage system.

Decentralized Blockchain Technology, The Future Of Data Storage

Decentralized blockchain technology is highly secure, a lot faster and less expensive than traditional cloud storage system. P2P network, usage of lesser bandwidth, cost-effectiveness, higher security, accessibility, availability, data redundancy and verifiability makes it better than traditional cloud storage technology.

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