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Web Application Development Business Growth

Eward Solutions is a leading web application development company that creates unique and flexible web apps that are custom-made according to client’s demands.We accommodate each web application according to the changing world’s technological need through our latest top-notch web techniques.

 Our designers hold experience for over 25 years. They maximize effectiveness and potential of your website by creating high quality, formidable and awe-inspiring graphics.

 Usability is also a crucial aspect of our web development process.We make sure our websites are not only graphically impressive but also 100% functional. In fact, creating web designs that ensure optimum responsiveness and proper viewing experience is our trademark.

 We design and develop business critical websites/apps and also provide 24/7 support along with outsourced management services to our client to keep their website operational. We are highly accessible for communication at any given time to provide any technical support you need.

These are some of our services that we provide under Web Design and Development services

UI/UX and Web Design

Functionality, usability and visualization are the three important aspects that define web/app experience of the users. Therefore, our highly experienced designers make sure they design highly responsive, user-friendly and visually stunning designs.

Our design and development efforts are directed in such a way that they help companies meet and exceed their marketing goals and objectives.

HTML/CSS Development

HTML is a leading web development platform that provides perfect web solutions due to its modern features. We use the latest HTML along with CSS to ensure ideal user experience. Our W3C compliant HTML/CSS websites are highly interactive, universally viewable and they offer optimal search engine exposure.

The following are services we offer under HTML/CSS development:

W3C compliant HTML/CSS

JavaScript Development

Semantic Coding for SEO







Content Development And Social Media Integration

We believe content plays an important role in the digital marketing strategy of a website. Therefore, we provide content development services like sitemap development, content designing, writing, editing and keyword selection for SEO. We work with WordPress, Drupal and many others to deliver unmatched SEO-friendly content development services.

We also assist companies in enhancing their marketing efforts by integrating their social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Content published on these platforms is integrated into the Blog and RSS feeds of the website.

Blog Design And RSS Integration

Two resources that expand and contribute quality content on your website are Blog and RSS feeds.

A blog can be defined as an addition to a website that helps you display a greater amount of information.Through blogs, companies are able to regularly update and add content to their websites. Comments on these blogs can be monitored and controlled.

Blogs are full of keyword terms that help companies achieve their SEO objectives and their marketing goals.

RSS feeds stands for Really Simple Syndication which is a service where content from other websites is pulled to your website resulting in enhanced SEO optimization.

We have vast experience with the following open source Blogs and RSS feeds:



Drupal RSS modules

Custom RSS and XML solutions

Web Maintenance

We also offer web maintenance services to make sure your website evolves with ever-changing demands and needs. We make regular efforts to maintain your website according to your marketing strategy.

We work with new and existing clients and also with clients whose websites are not developed by us.

Our website maintenance services include:

Content updates.

Website expansion.

Landing or splash page design.

Design banner/button ads.

Design callouts and featured products.

Website audits.

Search Engine Optimization Audits.

Usability Audits.

508 Compliance Audits.

Email newsletter templates.

Hosting plan analysis.

Branding | App Design | Web Design


Bring life into your brand by giving it an unforgettable and engaging brand identity. We create appealing brand elements that enhance the quality, marketability, brand awareness, profitability, and outlook of your business.

App Design

At Eward, we create custom designed, asthetic savvy iOS and Android app designs that result in increased success, growth and revenues. We ensure user-centric app designs that enhance your brand’s outlook.

Web Design

At Eward, we design high quality, visually stunning, and mobile responsive web designs that convey consistent brand criteria to your digital audience. For each of our clients, we create unique and highly responsive customized design plan, which we then bring to life using modern tools that drive audience and traffic to your brand.

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