Monthly Archives: November 2017


The Importance of Getting DevOps Right

In the past, software development and IT teams operated separately. This led to a variety of manual processes that slowed projects down and delayed product launches. When DevOps practices entered the mainstream in 2009, tech leaders saw how many of these tasks could be automated and make their teams more productive. With that in mind, [...]

Android P’s final beta preview is live

Good news for people who like near-final previews of mobile operating systems. Android just dropped Beta 4 for Android P, marking the last preview milestone before the full version launches. That means the still unnamed OS is just around the corner — promised to arrive at some point later this summer. As all of the [...]

How to Reduce Duplicate Requests From Non-Technical Teams

The relationship between developers and non-technical teams at your company can be tricky. Because you’ve built out a great engineering function, you want other teams across the company to rely on their expertise. But for many developers, this manifests in ad-hoc requests from their colleagues in the form of last-minute emails and unexpected visits to [...]